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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a crucial part of what we offer at Abacus Marketing. For many of our clients, driving traffic to their website is a crucial task of the marketing strategy, and SEO is one way to achieve this.
The primary reason why search engine optimization is so important is because the traffic that it generates is 10x as likely to trust a website it visits that pay per click (PPC) advertising. Also, the traffic is likely to be much more relevant and targeted, which means you are much more likely to generate a positive response – assuming, that is, that your website is engaging and user friendly.

SEO needs to be built around intensive research, user experience and great content

SEO has now grown up and the techniques that used to be popular have more or less been ruled out by Google’s latest updates to their algorithms (Panda and Penguin). Link building is still important, but it is now all about generating high quality links. The days of mass link building are gone forever and anybody still practicing such techniques be warned – your website will be punished by the search engines once they cotton on to what you are doing.
The periodic table of SEO success factors, as created by SearchEngineLand, explains very clearly all the key factors that are involved in search engine optimisation. What we always need to keep firmly in our minds is that the search engines want to achieve the best results for their customers when they type in a search phrase. And that is why the content, HTML and architecture of the website are so important – these are called “on-the-page” considerations. Content is what you expect it to be. The use of the types of keywords your customers might be expected to use. This is why it is so important to establish the keywords for your business before you begin writing copy for your website. HTML is all about making sure you have the right technical infrastructure in place. Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Headers and Structures.

There is a very useful SEO guide from Google that you should also read in this respect. Architecture refers to all those technical elements that make your website user-friendly to robots and visitors. Notice here that loading speed and responsiveness are important issues, so that the website displays quickly and well on all forms of hardware including tablets and mobiles. If you get your on-the-page SEO right, then you are – in all probability –way ahead of the competition, especially in the SME marketplace.


Off-the-page SEO relates to links, trust, social media and personal. The reason links have always been seen as important is based upon the theory that the more people are linking to your website, the more they are talking about it. And this means that it is a more important website, with more credibility and authority. Evidence of paid links has a substantial negative influence on your SEO score. Blogging is a great way to create fresh content on a regular basis that can be used to develop new links.

SEO take times, its a marathon not a sprint!

Trust is all about reinforcing this authority – if the site has been around a long time, this too has a positive effect. Social sharing is also now important, and it is likely that this will continue to grow in future. And personal factors speak for themselves.

What this table goes to show is that SEO is not a black art. Rather, it is a white science. Do it well, and you will be rewarded with a first page ranking for the search terms you are interested in. It is important to make sure that you choose keywords which you stand a realistic chance of being able to influence in a sensible period of time. Results normally take months of effort to come through. Patience is a real virtue when it comes to SEO. And longer keywords are less competitive and, although it is true that they do not generate as much traffic, the quality of that traffic is likely to be much higher and you will be able to feed it through to your website much more quickly.

Always use a reputable SEO supplier who uses the latest techniques and don’t trust anyone who promises great results tomorrow. SEO is a science and it is a labour.

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