What We Offer


The types of events that we are most often involved in delivering are exhibitions and conferences – though we do deliver corporate parties and activity events from time to time. We deliver events for a number of blue chip clients through our event management partner. The budgets for these events vary from £25,000 to £250,000, though we do work on smaller events as and when they fall within a larger, integrated client project.
When delivering events, our focus is always on understanding the broader context of the brand and marketing strategies. Events do not generally take place in isolation. They are a part of a bigger business picture. Our value comes in understanding the strategic considerations underpinning the fundamental reasons for the event taking place in the first place, and in delivering creatively exciting solutions that deliver the key messages effectively and efficiently to the target audience.


Our strength comes in our ability to deliver a highly attractive and brand-relevant creative theme that supports this broader context. Our knowledge and experience are further benefits that should not be denied. Our track record is impressive – we consistently deliver hugely positive results.
We are able to provide various levels of event marketing support – you decide what you need and we do it.
If you wish, we can deliver the entire event or the following component parts. We can manage the invitation process from start to finish including HTML emails, database management, phone calls, direct mail and so on. We create engaging presentations when required for these events by deeply understanding the products and services involved, and informing the audience about them in digestible bite sized chunks. We provide professional presenters as hosts. We write scripts for them and rehearse until they become bona fide band ambassadors. We provide onsite staff as required to manage the event. We supply all sorts of branded promotional materials such as uniforms, balloons, banners, red carpet, panel displays, flags, bunting, and so on. We take photographs and we create film documentaries. We book accommodation and arrange meals. We conduct post-event research and follow up as required to sustain awareness and interest. If you are running an event and you want it to be as successful as possible, you need to tick a few boxes. Getting the right event marketing agency partner on board is one of the most important boxes to tick. Get this right and everything else should fall into line.