Dora the Explorer


We were commissioned by Nickelodeon to develop strategic and creative concepts to support promotional point of sale campaigns for one of their brands, Dora the Explorer, that could be tailored to the requirements of individual multiple grocery retailers across Europe – in the UK, this meant companies such as Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s who provide an important sales channel for a wide range of Dora products.

The objective underlying the project was to provide their sales force with presentation tools that they could use in preliminary discussions with retail channel customers to demonstrate how to increase sales of products specifically featuring the Dora the Explorer brand. We, however, used the opportunity to demonstrate the potential benefits of an integrated long-term strategy outside of the retail channel that would support and encourage repeat sales on an on-going basis.

The process began with market research, which revealed powerful insights that helped to clarify the strategic direction it was evident we needed to take. The core objective identified in the client briefing process was to reward milestones – the achievement of “firsts” by children. Dora the Explorer is a powerful role model for kids and our research identified a need to create an environment which rewarded family-specific issues as well as firsts that might be small as well as big, and to reinforce new habits concerning everyday behaviour.

We saw an opportunity for the Dora the Explorer brand to recognise, reward and reinforce positive behaviour in kids, as well as to overcome fears and concerns. In short, we identified four types of firsts and we proposed that the POS was provided in the form of a pack with elements to celebrate important milestones, and to record them in a colourful diary. We demonstrated on-pack labelling that could be tipped on in a number of different ways and with a variety of options. And we also gave the campaign legs by introducing an online element, in the form of a password-protected microsite, where these proud moments in a child’s development could be recorded for posterity.


We created three different creative concepts – each of which could be offered to a specific multiple retailer and tailored around their own individual requirements. We also developed some add-on promotional ideas for retailers to use in-store to make the campaign come alive. We also looked at link sales with other products and third party collaborations that would make the big idea bigger. We proposed shopping centre road shows to support the activity and to provide much wider exposure and positive PR opportunities to really hammer home the message that Dora the Explorer is the perfect brand guardian for important milestones in a child’s first few formative years. Finally, we identified an opportunity to take the even more exciting first step into the world of social media with Dora’s World, where families are able to safely share firsts with family and friends in a way that other forms of social media are unable to provide. This idea included an Explorers Club concept to encourage loyalty to the brand way past the initial point of purchase.
This project is a perfect example of how we go the extra mile to look at providing added value above and beyond the initial scope of a brief – where we believe that there is a genuine benefit to the client in us doing so.
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