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by BGL Communications on June 20, 2017
Labinjoh-London-Logo LABINJOH LONDON


Labinjoh London is a men’s fashion retailer launched by Justin Labinjoh. It sells exclusively online and the product portfolio is limited to a range of long-sleeved formal shirts. Labinjoh commissioned us to deliver a marketing strategy for the business. It was clear that, to be successful in this competitive and mature marketplace, Labinjoh had to find as many ways as possible to stand out from the crowd, and to find some clear space to operate in. The first stage in the process was market research. We investigated 100+ competitors to gain insights into their digital marketing and communication strategies. We identified demographics around their core customer base – we recommended a focus on ambitious professionals in the 25-25 age bracket – well-groomed, trend setters, health focused, status lovers etc. We established new potential markets not mentioned in the business plan.

We identified product features to create consumer benefits – quality fabrics, innovative designs, affordably luxury, contemporary fashion, and bespoke personalisation. We recommended creating a story about the background and motivations of the business owner to enhance a unique personality for the brand, as well as offering swatch books and signature touches to prospective customers. We also proposed a no-discount pricing policy, but to deliver an added value experience with every sale, such as by offering discounted cufflinks or free personalised handkerchiefs. We also suggested interactive video technology to better showcase the product range on the website. We looked at the brand proposition in terms of values, vision, mission, character traits, positioning, USPs, etc. We identified the need for logo development to mirror the classic/contemporary image and we recommended a redesign of the website to provide a better user experience. We looked at the marketing communication needs of various stakeholders, including staff, investors, prospects, customers, stockists, partners, media and suppliers.

We recommended a digital marketing approach as the basis for lead acquisition strategy, using social media, SEO and content marketing supported by marketing automation techniques to optimise retention, loyalty, cross-selling and referral – as well as the creation of a ‘member’s club’ to encourage loyalty. We identified the need for sales pipeline, CRM and customer touch point strategies. We recommended social advertising and promotion, targeted PPC campaigns to test keyword efficacy, network remarketing and email marketing. We proposed an investment in PR to connect the brand with industry bloggers, journalists and influencers, with a series of media events, fashion shows, and a talent competition as a viral sales promotion.


‘I am very pleased with the work Abacus has delivered. We are now seeking investment funding to deliver the marketing plan.’

Justin Labinjoh
Labinjoh London