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The Brief

AXA is one of the largest insurance businesses in the world. AXA Insurance contracted Abacus, one of the leading London marketing companies to deliver ad hoc marketing support. This mostly took the form of the creation of tenders and presentations to support their sales team in their negotiation of contracts with their broker network. We worked in close partnership with their marketing team to design and deliver professional materials, often working late into the night to hit tight deadlines, and to accommodate important last minute changes. This work helped to win several high-value new business pitches for the client.


We were also asked to deliver campaign concepts for a number of direct marketing initiatives, one of which was for a taxi insurance product. This work included a series of focus groups with the target market, to discuss their views and opinions about the product’s features and benefits, as well as to establish their feedback regarding design visuals which we created for the event.

Another project involved searching for images from online libraries to support one of their brokers, who was struggling to create professional marketing collateral. We were subsequently commissioned to design and artwork various materials on their behalf.


We were commissioned to assist with the preparation of a presentation template, the purpose of which was to agree bespoke agreements with brokers on an individual basis regarding joint business plan arrangements, and outlining the commitments from the partner and the support they would be offered by AXA Insurance.

Our London marketing agency was asked to come up with message propositions for tactical campaign ideas, to design event invitations, to create internal documents, to design HTML templates for email campaigns, to develop sales incentives, and so on.

‘They were great fun to work with. Highly efficient and personal, and responsive to all my needs. They were always available at the end of the phone, and they never once turned down any requests – regardless of how tight the deadline. I trusted them to get on and deliver the work and they always did a good job. Very reliable and down to earth. I would not hesitate to recommend them.’

Alison Barlow
Senior Marketing Manager
AXA Insurance

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Abacus Marketing is an independent London marketing agency that works with funded start-ups, ambitious SMEs and corporate blue-chip clients operating in the UK and EMEA. We deliver marketing consultancy (market research, strategic planning and customer insight), corporate branding, website design, marketing communications, digital marketing (SEO, social media, digital advertising, content marketing, email marketing and marketing automation), event marketing, advertising and direct marketing.

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Core to the success of what we achieve for our clients is our understanding of the fluid relationship between attracting customers and engaging them through a well-defined digital relationship model.

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IBM is one of the largest computer companies in the world. We delivered an award-winning UK channel marketing campaign for their PC division. The aim of the campaign was to promote sales of IBM PCs via their channel sales network, which included distributors, corporate resellers and value added retailers. Our strategy was to create a sales promotion campaign that was highly visible and great fun, as we knew that sales people working in this marketplace were highly remunerated and it was challenging to engage with them unless incentives stood out from the crowd.

Every sale generated a scratch card, and every scratch card won a mystery prize, which could be exchanged for store vouchers, a bottle of champagne, a bunch of flowers to send to a loved one, or for entry into a prize draw. The theme was based loosely on James Bond. Because there were different sizes of business within the channel, we operated a tier system, so everyone had a fair chance of winning one of the quarterly top performer rewards, which was always some form of high octane adventure.

We were subsequently appointed to deliver a pan-European channel marketing campaign. We overcame legal, cultural and taxational issues to deliver a £1m programme that included elements of communication, education, recognition and reward. The most important benefit of the strategy was that – for the first time – it provided IBM with the contact details of sales, service, technical and support staff across their entire European dealer network.

‘We worked together to develop a large sales incentive programme to be delivered across the EMEA region. It was a great success, and we were able to measure sales numbers as well as incentivise a lot of salespeople within our business partners. The agency is customer-focused, creative and great to work with.’

Pernille Loevengreen
Channel Marketing Manager

BGL CommunicationsIBM


by BGL Communications on June 20, 2017
K-N-Logo-300x60 KUEHNE + NAGEL


Abacus Marketing Services

Kuehne + Nagel is one of the largest global providers of integrated supply chain solutions. Abacus Integrated Marketing was appointed to provide ad hoc marketing services and support to their UK office by their sales and marketing director, who wanted to work with an independent marketing agency to deliver effective solutions at a fair price. He was also looking for a marketing partner that he could rely upon to deliver work on time and on budget, who was responsive and flexible, and who had a good reputation for the quality of their strategic and creative work. Being a busy man, he also needed to work with an agency who he could trust to get on with things without constantly demanding his input.

The first project we worked on was an award entry, which they had never previously won. Under exacting time pressure, we interviewed the relevant people and absorbed a significant amount of information. We wrote the entry and created supporting assets, all the time working in close partnership with our client contacts. Kuehne + Nagel won the award, and we were subsequently invited to support them with another award entry, which they also won. As part of this process, we developed a series of email marketing campaigns to promote the award nomination process, and then to announce the success to their customer network.

Marketing Services provided

We were subsequently commissioned to deliver a series of leaflets, promoting various products and marketing services, which involved research and planning, design and artwork, copywriting and copyediting, image search and retouching. We were then asked to assist with the creation of signage for their new flagship head office near Heathrow. The designs have proven so popular that they have now been rolled out in regional offices across the UK and EMEA.

We were asked to assist with the creation of a corporate presentation that could be used by the company’s 500+ salespeople across the UK. The challenge was to integrate content from various vertical and horizontal parts of the business, all of whom had previously developed their own presentations, none of which were congruent with the brand proposition. We also needed to make sure that the presentation was compliant with corporate guidelines. Another key objective was to make sure that it was easy to navigate around the presentation, technically ensuring that it would display correctly on every single person’s laptop. We designed the presentation so that it had sections which could be edited by the user to personalise it to their particular presentation needs. We created an interactive presentation with a menu system that allowed users to access any section in two clicks. This was important as the presentation ran to 200+ slides, and a linear solution would have proven unusable. We created an animated video to launch the presentation, which is now used behind reception at many of their UK offices to provide a visually interesting welcome to the business.


‘Abacus have never let me down. They are very reliable and I trust them to get on and do the work.’

Francis Blackmore
Director – Customer Solutions & Marketing
Kuehne + Nagel

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