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by BGL Communications on June 20, 2017
K-N-Logo-300x60 KUEHNE + NAGEL


Abacus Marketing Services

Kuehne + Nagel is one of the largest global providers of integrated supply chain solutions. Abacus Integrated Marketing was appointed to provide ad hoc marketing services and support to their UK office by their sales and marketing director, who wanted to work with an independent marketing agency to deliver effective solutions at a fair price. He was also looking for a marketing partner that he could rely upon to deliver work on time and on budget, who was responsive and flexible, and who had a good reputation for the quality of their strategic and creative work. Being a busy man, he also needed to work with an agency who he could trust to get on with things without constantly demanding his input.

The first project we worked on was an award entry, which they had never previously won. Under exacting time pressure, we interviewed the relevant people and absorbed a significant amount of information. We wrote the entry and created supporting assets, all the time working in close partnership with our client contacts. Kuehne + Nagel won the award, and we were subsequently invited to support them with another award entry, which they also won. As part of this process, we developed a series of email marketing campaigns to promote the award nomination process, and then to announce the success to their customer network.

Marketing Services provided

We were subsequently commissioned to deliver a series of leaflets, promoting various products and marketing services, which involved research and planning, design and artwork, copywriting and copyediting, image search and retouching. We were then asked to assist with the creation of signage for their new flagship head office near Heathrow. The designs have proven so popular that they have now been rolled out in regional offices across the UK and EMEA.

We were asked to assist with the creation of a corporate presentation that could be used by the company’s 500+ salespeople across the UK. The challenge was to integrate content from various vertical and horizontal parts of the business, all of whom had previously developed their own presentations, none of which were congruent with the brand proposition. We also needed to make sure that the presentation was compliant with corporate guidelines. Another key objective was to make sure that it was easy to navigate around the presentation, technically ensuring that it would display correctly on every single person’s laptop. We designed the presentation so that it had sections which could be edited by the user to personalise it to their particular presentation needs. We created an interactive presentation with a menu system that allowed users to access any section in two clicks. This was important as the presentation ran to 200+ slides, and a linear solution would have proven unusable. We created an animated video to launch the presentation, which is now used behind reception at many of their UK offices to provide a visually interesting welcome to the business.


‘Abacus have never let me down. They are very reliable and I trust them to get on and do the work.’

Francis Blackmore
Director – Customer Solutions & Marketing
Kuehne + Nagel

BGL CommunicationsKUEHNE + NAGEL


by BGL Communications on June 9, 2017
Vello-Logo VELLO


Vello is a start-up enterprise providing a domestic plumbing, boiler and heating repair service. Their unique point of difference is that their engineers travel around London on Brompton bikes, catching the tube when it is convenient to do so. They carry all the tools they need in their bags to fix 80% of all jobs within an hour. If they need extra support or materials, an electric van is deployed to finish the job. We were appointed to deliver corporate branding, and we were subsequently commissioned to deliver website design and development and to create marketing communications materials.

The first stage in the process was to review the marketplace to better understand the digital marketing and communication strategies used by their competitors. This helped to shape the website mapping process, as well as to understand page content requirements and site navigation to optimise the user journey experience.

Our market research established that price, trust, transparency, speed of response, and industry knowhow were all important factors in a customer’s decision-making process. To stand apart from the competition, we developed a service proposition that promoted these five benefits.

We came up with the trading name, Vello, which is a derivative of ‘bicycle’ in French and ‘speed’ in Italian. It also is a word that sounds friendly, like ‘hello’, and it was cost-effective to find a unique URL and to trademark the name and logo, a process we managed on behalf of the client.

We proposed that we created a brand that could be identified with a specific region within the UK (e.g. Vello London), so that they could franchise out different geographies around the UK in future if they wished to do so (e.g. Vello Manchester) with a hierarchal corporate structure in place (i.e. Vello Group). With this in mind, we developed the strapline ‘All Round London’ for the launch region.

We developed three creative concepts and developed the chosen theme in partnership with the client. We wrote all the copy for the website and built it in WordPress. We developed brand guidelines and produced uniforms, bike and van livery, leaflets, and stationery. We also created an animated video and delivered onsite SEO, having previously identified the primary keywords we wished to focus on as part of the competitor research process.


‘I could not recommend Abacus Marketing highly enough. They helped us to turn an idea into a reality. We appreciated the help and support they provided every step of the way, including assistance with the development of the business plan to include an effective brand, sales and marketing strategy, and some highly insightful competitor market research which helped to finetune the proposition.’

Hannah Rossi
Operations Director
AVello Group

BGL CommunicationsVELLO


by BGL Communications on June 6, 2017
Virgin_Holidays_Logo VIRGIN HOLIDAYS


Virgin Holidays has been arranging holidays since 1985, and is the largest and most successful transatlantic tour operator, the market leader for travel to the USA and the Caribbean. We worked with their event management partner to deliver creative services for a range of domestic and international events. This led to us being commissioned to deliver their annual global management sales conference.

The process began by meeting with board directors to discuss each of their departmental strategies for the year ahead, as well as meeting with the Strategy Director, Finance Director and Managing Director to discuss their content requirements within the main conference presentation. We created one overall theme for the event, with associated sub-theming for five breakout sessions. As well as being informative and educational, the event was intended to be interactive and fun, in keeping with the client’s brand values.

Each department was involved in developing the thematic identity for their own particular session, as well as for delivering it. This was important, as it meant they owned their content and messaging. We spent time with each department brainstorming ideas.

Delegates were split into one of five groups and each conference room was dressed according to its theme, and props supplied. We produced a variety of materials to reinforce key messages regarding the strategies for each breakout session. The creative concept fitted in with their consumer advertising campaigns, and we used audio and animation sequences to bring a sense of theatre to the occasion.


‘Very pleased with all aspects of their work.’

Marketing Manager
Virgin Holidays