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Xerox is a document management company providing a wide range of products and services.

We were commissioned to deliver a corporate incentive scheme to engage with their pan-European sales channel. A secondary aim was to develop a database of sales staff working within their third-party network of distributors, corporate partners and value add resellers.

All campaign materials were translated according to the decision of the local market client. Some preferred us to use our translation partners, other preferred to use their own translation teams, or to translate it themselves. Materials were printed locally to reduce delivery costs and timescales.

The programme primarily rewarded sales performance within the channel, with incentives rewarding every sale, along with quarterly domestic events and an annual group travel event. The programme also communicated about key products and these were promoted throughout the campaign. An online quiz reinforced core messages about the features and benefits of these products.

We devised a framework for the campaign that was flexible enough to be tailored to the discrete needs of each market. This was not just to ensure compliance with legal, cultural and taxational issues, but also to ensure that country managers felt a genuine sense of ownership for the programme, rather than sensing that this was just another programme imposed upon them by head office.

We communicated by individual conference calls with each market, which included the UK, the Nordics, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. Although this took longer than group calls, it led to clearer communications and better outcomes, saving time and effort in the long run.

The campaign operated for a nine-month period and increased sales by 13%. Just as importantly, Xerox now had an up-to-date and accurate database of channel sales staff, which they were able to use to communicate directly with them about future marketing initiatives.


‘This was a complex project to deliver – they worked tirelessly to deliver it well.’

Marketing Manager

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