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P&G Prestige is the fragrance segment of P&G that includes prestige fragrances such as Hugo Boss, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. We were commissioned to create a corporate presentation to assist the P&G Prestige sales training team with the delivery of core messages around customer segmentation. They identified three specific categories. We were given various raw assets which we needed to disseminate to understand what content was of value to populate the presentation with.

We created a site map and content for each slide. The presentation was over 140 pages in length. We broke it down into several different sections – scene setting, the world of fragrance, the role of a beauty consultant, the steps in the sales process, the shopper profiles, and a quiz. The content included graphics, imagery and video supplied by the client.

The presentation was created in a modular fashion, so that the trainer could select which parts of it they wished to refer to in the time they had available for specific training sessions. The presentation was created in Shockwave Flash, and was programmed to display optimally on all laptops and PCs – we also supplied an ‘install and play’ guide and provided a back-up of the presentation on a branded USB stick.

The coding was developed in such a way as to make it easy to translate the text into different languages. We managed the translation process for the South American marketplace, and it was also translated into mandarin by another agency for use across the Asia Pacific region. Although the aim of the presentation was to ensure a consistent approach to training across the global sales channel, we incorporated the option for trainers to create bespoke slides to personalise and tailor the presentation to individual audiences.

Our event management partner created training videos at P&G Prestige’s global training centre in Geneva and engaged a presenter to analyse these videos. We provided a training manual, with trainer support notes for each slide. The presentation also included certificates of attendance, which could be either filled in and printed out online, or printed out and filled in by hand.

We provided materials which could be printed off to create posters for the training room to promote key messages, and we visualised how the room might look for both small and large groups of delegates. We also provided a document to explain how to set up the room, with ideas for workshop sessions to encourage participation.

At all times, we worked in close partnership with the client and their event management partner to successfully deliver this project.


‘Great work. They worked really hard to delivering a successful project that was well received in the field, and which far exceeded all our expectations – and the success of any previous activities.’

Marketing Manager
P&G Prestige

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