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Land Rover is a global automotive brand. We delivered a range of dealership marketing activities, including group incentive travel, channel communications, and corporate events.

Our primary area of involvement was in the creation and delivery of a sales incentive programme to recognise and reward the achievements of various dealership departments, including management, sales representatives, service engineers and parts specialists.

Working closely with our clients at Land Rover, we devised a series of campaigns to encourage these departments to deliver tangible added value benefits for the business. For dealer management, targets were set to assess performance aggregated across all departments within the business. They were split into regional groups and the best performing dealerships won an incentive to join an exclusive annual travel trip. Parts, sales and service managers were rewarded with attendance at prestigious domestic events, and sales representatives also accumulated points that could be exchanged for gifts or vouchers.

The programme also included knowledge testing and mystery shopping. We sent out regular newsletters to remind dealer staff about key points of focus throughout the year.

We also devised and delivered bespoke training campaigns, including a ‘ride and drive’ roadshow, where dealership sales staff were invited to attend a series of events around the UK, which allowed them to compare Land Rovers with competitor models. This helped to assuage fears and doubts about the perceived strengths of the competition.


‘Really enjoyed working with the team. Very pleased with everything they delivered.’

Operations Manager
Land Rover

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