This is the question we first asked ourselves when we launched Abacus Marketing over five years ago, and our six-star service pledge is our answer to this question. We like to treat clients exactly how we would like to be treated by them if the roles were reversed. An attitude of mutuality, respect and decency lies at the heart of everything we do.

Six Star Service


We don’t claim to be perfect, but we always strive for perfection.

Although we believe that we are extremely good at what we do – strategically, creatively, and executionally – we also believe that it is always possible to improve. Our focus on continual personal development (CPD) means that we are always looking for opportunities to hone our existing skills, as well as to learn new ones.

Six Star Service


Many agencies fail to optimise strategic plans or creative concepts when it comes to delivery.

This is because responsibility is often handed over to a junior member of the team once a contract has been won. At Abacus, project management is always delivered by a director, who is able to provide ongoing analysis, insights and recommendations during the delivery process.

Six Star Service


We aim to be utterly professional in everything we do. We work at pace to hit deadlines.

We are polite and personable people who are respectful and considerate. We try to stand in our clients’ shoes in order to see the world from their perspective. We are not ‘yes people’ and will always offer alternative options. We are renowned for our attention to detail.

Six Star Service


We always try to delight clients with our attitude, energy and accuracy.

We have an analytical mindset, utterly focused on delivering the best possible results. If we need to spend more time than budgeted to get things right, we do so without question. We know that hard work is often the determining factor in the search for the best possible solutions.

Six Star Service


Many clients consider us to be their virtual marketing department.

Working in close collaboration always delivers better outcomes. It develops a shared ownership of problems. It creates purpose and focus in our work. It creates the bedrock upon which genuine trust and mutual respect can flourish.

Six Star Service


Our financial framework provides clients with excellent value for money.

Our low‐overhead business model allows us to charge highly competitive day rates. We always agree budgets before we start work. As long as the scope of work does not change significantly, we always keep to this budget, no matter how many changes are required.

Please email us at or call us on 020 7795 8175 for an initial discussion, to get an idea of costs, or to arrange a meeting.

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